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What happens after the rally? Four ideas for strengthening the campaign against the cuts

24 Mar 2011, By

Politics in the UK is at a crossroads. The government has presented its vision of a radical overhaul to public spending. A community-based movement involving unions and community organisations is building opposition to this agenda, with the major rally on Saturday 26 March. But like all coalitions between different community-based organisations, the challenge is how…

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Coalitions are an important tool for social change and unions. What makes them work? What makes them fail?

22 Feb 2011, By

Unions and community organisations are turning to coalitions to present a people’s alternative to budget cuts and austerity measures. In Britain, unions and community-based organisations have come together to demand government intervention and investment, not budget cuts, in response to the financial downturn. Similar formations are developing in the United States in response to attacks…

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