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BURN: A warning from Detroit

30 Apr 2013, By

The European premiere of a new film about Detroit firefighters is being sponsored by the UK Fire Brigades Union. BURN captures a year in the lives of Detroit firefighters who are charged with the thankless task of saving a city that many have written off as dead. Since 1950’s a vanishing industry has cut Detroit’s…

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First Global Labor Film Festival Launches on May Day

23 Apr 2013, By

One of the most exciting things about my involvement with the London Labour Film Festival has been the chance to see first hand the growth of an international movement for labour film festivals. I’ve now been to two conferences of festival organisers in Washington DC and each time, I’ve come back with a new major…

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London Labour Film Festival winning short film

13 Sep 2012, By

The London Labour Film Festival starts today at the prince Charles in Leicester Square 13-15th September. As well as the 18 feature films we’re showing, we’ve also been very excited to run a special competition for labour related short films.

London Labour Film Festival

London Labour film Festival: One week to go

06 Sep 2012, By

It’s just one week before the inaugural London Labour Film Festival, when we will officially join the global movement of labour film festivals from the USA and Turkey to Canada and Australia. It’s an important cultural event for the UK labour movement and one not to be missed. Many people think of documentary films when…

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London Labour Film Festival

Welcome to the London Labour Film Festival!

21 Aug 2012, By

A celebration of social commitment through cinema, the first ever London Labour Film Festival this September will bring eighteen phenomenal films touching on the issues of labour to the heart of London. Across three days, we’ll be presenting a fascinating and varied take on issues of work, labour struggle and the emotional and societal importance…

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Labour film festivals: A growing movement

20 Oct 2011, By

The first ever conference of labour film festival organisers took place in Washington last week, trying to kick start a worldwide labour film festival movement. The number of organisers attending from across the globe was a testament to the growing interest in this area of film-making. Although these films do not formally constitute a distinct…

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