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Finding a way to stronger unions

12 Sep 2012, By Guest

Our focus on this blog is in organising, and by extension, growing stronger unions, so it was with great interest that I read Seamus Milne’s column in the Guardian entitled ‘The problem with unions is that they’re not strong enough’.   At the end of the piece I was left thinking ‘what are the solutions?’

Supporting union executives: Lay Leadership Programme

23 Aug 2012, By Guest

The Guardian recently put up an article profiling a group of upcoming Conservative MPs who are spearheading a range of proposals which are designed to ‘unchain Britain’.  These ideas include a raft of changes to employment legislation which would make it easier to sack  workers.

Become an Academy Organiser!

27 Jul 2012, By Guest

Are you interested in campaigns?  Have experience of working on them in workplaces or in a community setting?  Want to learn more about campaigning while getting practical experience? Then why not consider applying for a place as a Trainee Organiser at the Organising Academy?

TUC Organising Academy 2012-13

12 Jul 2012, By Guest

I am pleased to announce the release of the TUC Organising Academy’s programme of courses for 2012-13. Renewing our partnership with Ruskin College, we are delivering a range of courses which support increasing the capacity of unions to be strong, effective and campaigning organisations.

Learning from Grassroots

06 Jun 2012, By Guest

For the last few weeks I’ve blogged here about the role of grassroots organising in mounting successful campaigns and in prioritising building activism within a campaign in the run up to our Grassroots conference at the end of May.  As we often say on this site, there is no silver bullet in the work that…

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Grassroots versus Advertising

17 May 2012, By Guest

Generally the forces that disagree with us have a wealth of monetary resources at their feet.  They can pour money into TV ads, into billboards and in reaching the powerful to support their aims and messages. What do we have to compare to change the way people think on our issues? This question resurfaced while…

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Grassroots logo

Grassroots – building for the long term

08 May 2012, By Guest

The local elections are over, France and Greece have seen people vote for an alternative and as pundits scramble to analyse and say what it all means, I want to take a step back and consider the role that organising and campaigning plays in building for change. Campaigning can be tricky.  You have a position and…

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