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2011 trade union membership figures released

26 Apr 2012, By Guest

Yesterday, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) released their annual report on trade union membership which is taken from the annual Labour Force Survey (LFS) in the final quarter of 2011.  Carl blogged about the 2010 release here. So, what were the figures and what do they mean for trade unions?

Building our Grassroots

19 Mar 2012, By Guest

It might not be controversial to hear that as an organiser I’m passionate about building grassroots activism.  Enabling and empowering people to have a say it what affects them and how they would like to shape the world is a really important part of what we do here at the Organising Academy. This is why…

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Netroots UK North West

14 Feb 2012, By Guest

Saturday 18th February sees the return of Netroots UK.  Manchester will play host to activists from across the online (and hopefully offline) community engage in approaches to how we can effectively campaign in a digital world. I’ve been asked to be in one of the sessions entitled ‘Campaigning Strategies‘ which is looking at understanding how…

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Communications & Organising

19 Jan 2012, By Guest

I’ve been wanting to blog about the role that communications play in campaigns and organising for quite a while now so it was with great interest I read Mehdi Hasan’s article for the New Statesman where he explores the role of framing in politics. By and large, the most difficult thing in the campaigns I have been…

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2011: A year in organising

16 Jan 2012, By Guest

It’s been a year since I started here at the TUC.  And what a year for organising it has been. 2011 saw the largest trade union demonstration for a generation, 500,000 working people and their families marching for the alternative to this government’s slash and burn agenda.  It saw the biggest day of industrial action undertaken in…

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Occupy! Occupy! Occupy!

16 Nov 2011, By Guest

If I were to say the words ‘Occupy (insert location here)’ to you, what would first spring to mind?  Is it the rows of tents in public places, the mini villages of protest or a hashtag? I’ve been mulling over this question, especially in light of finishing teaching our Communications and Campaigns course where we’ve been…

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What is the Diploma in Organising?

24 Oct 2011, By Guest

If I was to ask you to do a Spectrum of Allies analysis would you know where to start? For the Organising Academy, the last few weeks have been all about ends and beginnings.  As our new programme for 2011-12 begins, students from last year have begun to submit portfolios of learning and graduate to…

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