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With November 30 around the corner…

21 Oct 2011, By Guest

With the build up to November 30, it seems that every day my twitter feed (@beckytuc) brings news of more action and organising against the cuts and for a decent life for all working people.  In the last few weeks, there is Occupy Wall Street, the UK’s Occupy London Stock Exchange, and union members are taking industrial action…

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VIDEO: What are the challenges for unions?

28 Sep 2011, By Guest

You may have picked up Carl’s original posting a month or so ago on trade union membership.  But, in case you haven’t, here’s our first Organising Academy webinar on those figures and what they mean for unions.  Be great to hear your thoughts.

Teaser for our first Organising Academy webinar

14 Sep 2011, By Guest

Hopefully next week we’ll be able to post up the Organising Academy’s first webinar on the recent Trade Union membership figure which Carl has blogged on (spoiler – there will be charts and numbers, but all digestible, promise).  In the meantime, I thought I’d share a pared down version of my recent speech at Unions21 ‘s fringe…

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Poverty Index Essay Competition

15 Aug 2011, By Guest

Generally on a Sunday I try to steer clear of news or programmes related to the news, for so many reasons, but partly because I see so much of what’s going on related to the demise of collective bargaining and it’s nice to have a day to rest. But, there was so much to get…

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New Rules for Radicals?

11 Aug 2011, By Guest

Since my last posting on the blog, I’ve been in the office putting together the skeleton for the organising handbook which will accompany our Diploma in Organising course next year.  I’m finishing that all up to start to make amendments to our courses next week.  Today is my literature review where I’m reading and re-reading…

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News International and mobilisation theory

04 Aug 2011, By Guest

Anyone that spends some time with us here at the Organising Academy will know what fans we are of John Kelly‘s mobilisation theory to explain why people get angry around issues and how campaigns can succeed or fail. John explained his theory to TSSA members last year and someone made a great video that I…

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Organize for Social Change

03 Aug 2011, By Guest

This week is the start of the prepping for the upcoming year’s programme.   If there is one thing I really enjoy about teaching, it’s the prepping and putting together a curriculum, or, in other terms, putting together the structure and content of a course together.  Most of the time I explain the way I think of course…

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