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Voluntary sector, unions and participation

02 Aug 2011, By Guest

Just at the end of last night on Twitter (beckytuc) I caught the news that the Guardian where running a story on the impact of local government cuts on third sector organisations. It paints a bleak picture for those charities and the people they help. Putting this into an even wider context, this year, the NCVO…

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All change at the OA!

01 Aug 2011, By Guest

Anyone that spends time in the world of education will know that work definitely does not stop in the summer period.  For us, it’s a period of prepping, writing and planning for the upcoming year, and the the OA is no different. So, this summer, as I begin to make changes for the new programme, I’ll…

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Organising Academy Programme 2011-12

05 Jul 2011, By Guest

I’m really pleased to say that the OA Programme 2011-12 is now available to download. During the six months I’ve been on the Academy, I’ve had time to look at the existing courses we offer to unions, taught them and even surveyed union staff asking what they need in terms of organising and campaigning.  Overwhelmingly, what we heard…

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Latest anti-union video leaks

23 Jun 2011, By Guest

Our third module for the Diploma in Organising focuses on strategy and campaign planning.  We look at a variety of different aspects to planning a campaign, developing union strategy and communicating our messages to workers. By a happy coincidence, during part of our communications theme, we were joined by two activists from the US who…

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TUC Organising Academy placements

06 Jun 2011, By Guest

Just a quick one from me today to let you know that recruitment has started for the NASUWT trainee organiser positions, which will be taught the Diploman in Organising through the TUC’s Organising Academy. You can see more about placements on the TUC’s website but also download the 2011-2012 NASUWT Trainee info document which tells…

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Research module completed

23 May 2011, By Guest

We’ve just completed our second module on the Diploma in Organising at the Academy which covers research. During one of the activities, the group had to undertake research based on a well know sporting company, answering questions from the basic name through to it’s bottom line.  I took a photo of one round of answers…

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First Lay Leadership Programme completed

06 May 2011, By Guest

While most eyes have been glued to TVs or websites awaiting the results of the elections and referendum, I’ve been occupied with the final few days of our Lay Leaders Development Programme. Set over six days, colleagues from national union executives from Accord, CSP, BECTU, NUJ, FBU, UNITE came together to consider the role of…

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