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Young workers on march

TUC Young Workers Month

02 Mar 2014, By

The first ever TUC Young Workers Month as well as being an opportunity to promote and celebrate the work that trade unions already do with and for young workers is also a chance to prioritise perhaps the biggest challenge that faces our movement today; the crisis of membership amongst young workers. Today in the UK,…

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TUC Youth Campaign Award

16 Dec 2013, By

This year, during its first ever Young Workers Month in March 2014 the TUC Young Workers Forum will be presenting the inaugural TUC Youth Campaign Award. The purpose of the Award is to celebrate innovative and effective campaigning by young trade unionists in the UK.

Unions and community organising: Power with to power over

19 Sep 2013, By

This article written by Kevin Rowan, TUC Head of Organisation & Services and Carl Roper, TUC National Organiser also appears in the recent Unions21 publication ‘The future of union community organising’ Over recent years the use of the terms ‘community organising’ and ‘community campaigning’ has increased considerably within the trade union and wider labour movement.…

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Defend trade union rights at DCLG

22 Aug 2013, By

The TUC is urging all trade union members, activists and supporters to get behind a PCS campaign to defend union rights at the Department for Communities & Local Government. The campaign has been launched after the decision by Eric Pickles to end, without any consultation, the check-off system for collecting union subscriptions within the department.…

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Swings and Roundabouts: The latest news on union membership

31 May 2013, By

It wasn’t hard for once to find the good news in the annual Labour Force Survey of Trade Union Membership which was released by BIS on Wednesday. For the first time in over a decade union membership increased and given the political, economic and industrial environment in which unions are operating we should celebrate this…

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Enjoy the silence (of the Taxpayers Alliance)

17 Apr 2013, By

I had a short article published yesterday over at Union News reflecting on the deafening silence from the so-called Taxpayers Alliance in relation to the use of public funds for Baroness Thatcher’s funeral. The article wasn’t a comment on the appropriateness of the State paying for the send off of a former Prime Minister, but…

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