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#N30 saw a movement find a voice that spoke for all workers

30 Nov 2011, By

I’m writing this post having just returned from the Liverpool TUC March and Rally for Pensions Justice so you may have to excuse some post march euphoria.  However it’s clear that in terms of the support the Day of Action has received from public sector workers, it has been an enormous success. My Twitter feed is…

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Introducing unionreps ACTION!

21 Nov 2011, By

The TUC is pleased to announce the launch of a new set of on-line resources for union reps to help them organise, campaign and build stronger unions – unionreps ACTION! We believe that these are the most comprehensive set of on-line resources of their kind available to reps in the UK. They include everything needed…

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Launching the TUC Pocket Guide to Organising and Campaigning

04 Nov 2011, By

If you’ve ever wished that there was a booklet available that as well as containing all of the basic information, hints and tips you need to build strong workplace unions and run effective campaigns, was also handy enough to carry around with you, then you’ll be pleased to hear that today the TUC is launching…

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A chance to make a difference working for the TUC

29 Oct 2011, By

We’re looking for talented organisers and campaigners to fill six Local Organiser posts likely to be based in the TUC’s Southern & Eastern, North West and Midlands regions. We want to hear from people who can make the most of a challenging and exciting opportunity to work with unions, union activists and members of the…

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Show Solidarity at Sotheby’s

12 Oct 2011, By

Art Handlers at Sotheby’s Auction House in New York were locked out by the company after they refused to sign new contracts that would have lead to the breaking of their union contract and half of them being replaced by outsourced temporary workers. So determined are Sotheby’s, a company that makes huge profits and last…

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