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Why in this age do some people still not get equality?!!

30 Jun 2010, By

With the cuts announced across the public sector and the blatant attacks on the poor, women and disabled why do some people still not get the need for equality? Shouldn’t we all be promoting equality ? As the cuts begin to bite the young, the old, the disabled, the sick and the poor let us not forget the power…

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Sisters are doing it for themselves!!

17 Jun 2010, By

It was really great to be invited to speak at the PCS Womens’ seminar on sunday in Birmingham!! Fantastic event, fantastic women- really inspiring – here’s hoping that the Suffragettes,the Women Chain Makers of Cradley Heath, Ford Sewing Machinists and  many more sisters  were watching with pride knowing their struggles were not in vain!   Off to UNISON Organising for…

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