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Young worker’s Challenge #9: Pressure on working parents

28 Nov 2016, By

Being in low paid, insecure work with limited opportunities for progression is pretty tough. Having a child still at home adds a whole lot more pressure. More than a quarter of Britain’s young core workers have at least one dependent child – a much higher proportion than among other employees of the same age. Young…

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Young worker’s challenge #7: Precarious working conditions

21 Nov 2016, By

Young people’s experience of work is increasingly dominated by precarious working conditions. It might be zero-hours or very short-hours contracts, agency work, temporary jobs or fixed term contracts. The flexibility of these contracts are great for employers: bosses can respond to how busy things are – saving money in the times they need fewer staff…

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Young worker’s challenge #3: lack of training opportunities

07 Nov 2016, By

If you think about it, you’d expect younger workers to get more training than older workers – after all, they generally have less experience of work. While this is true for some young workers, Britain’s young core workers get the least training of anyone. A TUC report has shown that nearly two-thirds of Britain’s young…

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Young worker’s challenge #1: Low pay

02 Nov 2016, By

It’s no surprise that younger workers are paid less than older workers – it’s been that way forever. But young people have particularly suffered since the financial crash. There are several reasons why younger workers tend to be low paid: Being younger can be confused with having less experience. Low pay is more common in…

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