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safety boots stepping on a nail

A massive step backwards for health and safety

31 Mar 2014, By

The government has chosen the 40th anniversary of the Health and Safety at Work Act to make one of the most dangerous changes since the legislation came into effect in 1974. It has decided that Britain’s 4.3 million self-employed people should no longer be subject to the provisions of the Act unless they also employ…

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#AskFrances – live twitter Q&A with young workers

26 Mar 2014, By

As part of the TUC’s Fair Pay Fortnight and Young Workers’ Month 2014, I did my first ever live Q&A on twitter, to take questions from young workers, using the #askfrances hashtag. Here’s a record of the event, many thanks to everyone who took the time to get involved with it.

A photo of Frances O'Grady speaking on the panel at the TUC Women's Conference 2014

What is this government doing for women?

13 Mar 2014, By

You hear a lot about how this government has a ‘women problem’ but I thought it was the other way round. After all, what is this government doing for women? Childcare costs spiralling out of control, a welfare state that’s under attack, and insecure and temporary work on the increase – that’s what Cameron’s Britain…

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Nelson Mandela

The legacy and inspiration of Nelson Mandela

12 Dec 2013, By

I was honoured to be invited to speak on behalf of the trade union movement at the Parliamentary commemoration of Nelson Mandela organised by the Speakers of the Houses of Commons and Lords in Westminster Hall this afternoon. This is what I said about the legacy of former President Mandela, and the inspiration he represented. Mr…

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Image of pebbles balancing on top of each other

When it comes to skills, Britain needs to do better.

28 Oct 2013, By

Our current laissez faire approach to skills – leaving employers to their own devices – simply isn’t fit for purpose. If this country is to thrive in tomorrow’s global economy and if we are to build a fairer and more equal society, then we have to change. Although there may be a few welcome signs…

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Why I’m marching for our NHS in Manchester today

29 Sep 2013, By

The NHS faces the gravest crisis in its history. We are seeing privatisation on an unthinkable scale as core services are hived off to the lowest bidder, budgets are flat-lining, and huge efficiency savings are being demanded by ministers – all at a time of record patient demand. After promising there would be no top-down…

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Tolpuddle procession

Anti-Tolpuddle spirit lives on in the Lobbying Bill

22 Jul 2013, By

After speaking at the annual Tolpuddle festival yesterday, I can confirm that the spirit of the Tolpuddle Martyrs is alive and well, 179 years on. But the publication of the government’s new Lobbying Bill proves that the spirit of Squire Frampton is doing pretty well too. Squire James Frampton was a landowner who feared that…

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