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Government H&S policy built on myths

06 Dec 2013, By

The Government have set out their policy on health and safety on the DWP website. It is clear, concise and simple and is also absolute drivel. One of the four points it makes is: “We believe that good health and safety is important, but the burden of excessive health and safety rules and regulations on…

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Commission fiddles while workers suffer!

05 Dec 2013, By

There are estimated to be 23 million people living in the EU with a work-related health problem. It was therefore encouraging that the European Commission decided to organise a major conference on the burden of occupational diseases. The conference took place this week in Brussels and was attended by over 200 people. There was a…

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29 Nov 2013, By

We have seen first-hand the damage that the Coalition Government’s deregulation programme has had on health and safety regulation and enforcement in the UK. There have been attacks on compensation, reporting requirements, protection for the self-employed and the ban on pro-active inspections in most sectors. Unfortunately they are now exporting their anti-worker position into Europe and it…

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Victory on “Risk of Over-compliance”.

22 Nov 2013, By

Earlier this week the TUC complained about a press release issued by the HSE saying that the new  Approved Code of Practice on Workplace Health Safety and Welfare had been reviewed “to make it easier for employers, building owners, landlords and managing agents to understand and meet their legal obligations and so reduce the risks…

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Blacklisting Day of Action a success

20 Nov 2013, By

The TUC day of action against blacklisting was a fantastic success. Culminating in a rally in Parliament, the day saw action outside several construction sites in London, Glasgow,Hemel Hempstead, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Birmingham and Wolverhampton. There were also events at the Welsh Senedd in Cardiff and the Scottish Parliament. At the Westminster rally TUC General…

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HSE warns of dangers of being good to your staff

19 Nov 2013, By

The HSE has published the new Approved Code of Practice on Workplace Health Safety and Welfare. This covers issues like lighting, temperature, space, toilet facilities etc. Most of it is just an update of the current Code, and, although I am disappointed that there is no maximum temperature despite the overwhelming case for one, most…

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Workplace injuries – up or down?

30 Oct 2013, By

The HSE have published their latest statistics today and they show just how hard it is to make comparisons now that the HSE has changed the way that injuries are reported. Over three day injuries have been replaced with over seven day injuries. The HSE is claiming that workplace major injuries hit an all time…

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