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Blacklisting Scandal Uncovered

16 Apr 2013, By

A shocking report was published today that exposes the extent that construction companies were involved in illegal activity for over a decade, by blacklisting workers for being in a union or for speaking up about health and safety. The interim report by the Scottish Affairs Committee reveals damning evidence of the nature of the blacklisting…

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Lucy Meadows – a tragedy that must not happen again.

23 Mar 2013, By

This week a teacher apparently killed herself. Her name was Lucy Meadows and she had been the victim of a campaign of harassment and intimidation. However this was not by her employers, or by fellow workers, but by the media. While unions have a proud record of protecting members from harassment and bullying at work…

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Notes on a Scandal

12 Mar 2013, By

This afternoon I went to watch the Scottish Affairs Committee hear evidence on blacklisting from Mike Peasland, the CEO of the construction section of Balfour Beatty. I am sure you all know the background. A shady outfit called the Consulting Association were selling information on trade unionists, activists, and safety reps to construction companies who…

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Growth yes – but not at the cost of our safety.

09 Mar 2013, By

Yesterday the Business Minister, Michael Fallon, launched a consultation on a proposed ‘growth duty’ for regulators. This will require regulators to take into account the impact of their activities on the economic prospects of firms they regulate. According to the announcement, “he proposed ‘growth duty’ will ensure that enforcement activity of these regulators, including the…

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E-ciggies have no place in the workplace.

25 Feb 2013, By

In the last week I have had two health and safety representatives ask me the same question. Are electronic cigarettes banned in the workplace? Part of the problem is that, because they are new, the health effects of e-cigarettes are pretty unknown. The manufacturers seem reluctant to fund proper independent research, although that does not…

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