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Mock-up blacklisting sign. Photo UCATT

A tale of two scandals

20 Feb 2013, By

In 2010 evidence emerged that the News of the World had been systematically hacking into the phones of a number of celebrities. By early 2011 it became clear that over 400 people had been the victims of illegal phone-hacking. Most of these were “celebrities” of various kinds but the list included politicians, a couple of…

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Image from the cover of new TUC report on wellbeing at work

A healthy options menu for work

14 Feb 2013, By

One of the most annoying things for a health and safety representative is to find that, after years of banging your head against a brick wall trying to get your employer to do something about preventing stress or back pain, you suddenly find that your boss has embraced “well-being” and is plastering the workplace with…

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High heels: Lies, damned lies and politics

18 Apr 2012, By

It is always said that you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story, and while we might expect that of some tabloids, what about when it is politicians? Today the health and safety Minister, Chris Grayling is making a speech to the Policy Exchange where it’s reported he will…

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Health and safety culture? I wish…

05 Jan 2012, By

Today we have seen a speech from David Cameron and an article by him in the London Evening Standard, saying he wants to end the health and safety culture and the burden on business that it creates. They represent probably the biggest verbal assault on health and safety by a senior politician for many years,…

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Safety: The ‘union effect’ is as strong as ever

13 Jul 2011, By

You would have thought that if there were a proved way of cutting workplace deaths by a half, and making cutting all injuries by about a quarter then employers and the Government would jump at it. Well there is and it is called union health and safety representatives. The TUC has just updated and republished…

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