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Asbestos review shows shocking complacency

05 May 2017, By

The HSE has published a review of the way that the 2012 Control of Asbestos Regulations have been implemented. There was a requirement on the HSE to do this within the first five years of the regulations being implemented, but the HSE seems to have gone well beyond the requirements of the European Directive in…

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toxic warning on a drum of chemicals

HSE needs to ground its research in the workplace

04 May 2017, By

Unions have long been critical of the failure of the HSE to regulate and enforce on occupational health risks. For instance we have asked for specific regulations on stress, lower exposure limits on dust and silica, and for the removal of all asbestos in the workplace, but none of these have happened. Now that the…

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Making health and safety an issue for everyone

21 Apr 2017, By

Men are almost twice as likely to suffer a serious injury at work as women, and for decades health and safety practice has reflected what has been seen traditionally as a problem most affecting men. As a result more attention has been given to industries such as construction where injury rates are much higher and…

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Suicide – why it is a workplace issue

21 Mar 2017, By

Suicides can be a tragedy both for those who attempt it and their families and friends. It can also have a huge effect on the lives of some groups such as train and tube drivers when people attempt to kill themselves in front of a train, or care workers, police officers and paramedics who often…

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Stress – time to stop blaming the workers

17 Mar 2017, By

Yesterday I attended the HSE stress summit in London for the launch of their new stress campaign. The conference went well and the main thrust of the conference was on the importance of prevention, using the risk prevention and risk management approach that is contained in the HSE stress management standards. This is the approach…

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