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5 tips for union reps to support disabled workers

22 Nov 2016, By

I have been a trade union rep for almost a decade and am now the policy officer for disability equality at the TUC. I have also had reasonable adjustments myself. Disability History Month (#UKDHM) is a good time to reflect on ways to create an inclusive workplace and here are my 5 tips for supporting disabled…

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How trade unionism transformed me and my career

09 Nov 2016, By

My family aren’t trade unionists or activists. In fact I grew up as a daughter of Indian immigrants learning that you don’t make a fuss and you accept your lot. But life has a way of surprising you. I became a trade union member and an activist at the same time in my mid 20’s.…

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Talk (mental health) Matus Laslofi

Good mental health in the workplace

10 Oct 2016, By

One on four people will experience some form of mental distress in their lifetimes. Workplace stress is cited as the number one cause. Lack of job security, continued cuts to public services and the shadow of Brexit is making the workplace increasingly insecure. Given that we spend more time than our European counterparts, having effective…

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Solidarity with those killed in the Orlando massacre

17 Jun 2016, By

James Baldwin wrote: “not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced”. We, as trade unionists, have always faced down bigotry, campaigning against inequality and injustice. Our resolve, in light of the horrific massacre of the 49 LGBT people in Orlando, is stronger than ever. We stand…

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Young and LGBT – be out, be proud and be part of a trade union

02 Jun 2016, By

Coming up to Pride season, you’d be forgiven for thinking that being young and LGBT has never been more acceptable. Young LGBT role models in the media? Check. Music and fashion icons pushing the gender binary? Check? LGBT stories part of the media narrative? Check. See: Tom Daly, a young, charismatic Olympic swimmer coming out.…

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