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VIDEO: Bernadette Segol on ETUC Day of Action, 29 Feb 2012

29 Feb 2012, By

Here’s a quick video from Bernadette Ségol, General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) outlining why unions across Europe are coming together today (29 Feb) for an EU-wide Day of Action, ahead of negotiations on a new treaty that could hardwire austerity into Europe. In the UK, we’re a bit hampered in the…

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Live and striking: Unions live blogging 30 November

30 Nov 2011, By

Today’s Day of Action on public service pensions is the biggest strike in a generation, so it’s going to set a lot of firsts, but one I’ve noticed is how connected the day is going to be online. Many unions are going to be maintaining liveblogs to keep their members in the loop, and many…

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Pensions Justice in charts and numbers

29 Nov 2011, By

UNISON have produced this great infographic for the Day of Action on public service pensions tomorrow. It shows the impact the government’s proposed changes to pensions will have on public service workers, especially women. Click the picture below to see the graphic…

Let’s Work Together to get The Workers to No1

22 Nov 2011, By

As the Guardian said yesterday, the Village People never had a line up like this. Including a civil servant, teacher, firefighter, probation officer, nurse, physiotherapist and more, The Workers are a group of 14 public service union members from around the country, who’ve come together to record the rock standard ‘Let’s Work Together’. The idea…

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Ohio: Turning the tide from Wisconsin?

09 Nov 2011, By

Great news this morning from Ohio, which along with Wisconsin is one of the slew of US states where Republicans (in this case Governor John Kasich) have been trying to remove collective bargaining rights and key working conditions from public sector workers in the name of austerity. A publicly demanded referendum has dramatically overturned the…

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Woody Sez: “Union night” in the West End

15 Mar 2011, By

Woody Sez is a fantastic musical stage show now running in London’s Arts Theatre in the West End. It tells the story of American folk and protest legend Woody Guthrie, through dozens of his songs. Relying on the musical skills and enthusiasm of just four cast members, it crams in a huge amount of US…

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