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Iraqi unions hold protests tomorrow – in Baghdad and London

24 Feb 2011, By

Whilst headlines have been with Egypt and Libya in recent weeks, Iraqis have also been holding protests in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, demanding further political reforms, more jobs and an end to corruption. Unions have played a key role in these, and their campaign aims to reach a new level tomorrow, with a peaceful mass march…

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March 26: Get the widget!

02 Feb 2011, By

Get the Pledge to March for the Alternative widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info) If you’ve got a personal website or run one for your union branch or local group, you can help build the March for the Alternative on 26 March by using our Pledge…

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Labour Photo of the Year 2010 – voting open now!

07 Dec 2010, By

Voting has opened on LabourStart’s annual Labour Photo of the Year contest. The judging panel have chosen five entries from the pool submitted on Flickr, and have a range of photos from the UK, Korea, Turkey, USA and Canada. You can cast your own vote at The UK photo up for vote is by…

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WERS 2011 survey coming soon

25 Nov 2010, By

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) are now organising a new round of Britain’s largest employment relations study, WERS (the Workplace Employment Relations Study). Look out for it if it comes to your workplace – It’s your chance to help shape what decision makers use to inform their judgements about the world of…

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Netroots UK: Building our digital grassroots

23 Nov 2010, By

We’re very excited about Netroots UK, a conference we’re supporting on 8 January 2011, to bring together grassroots activists from all across the UK’s progressive movement, and build our skills and networks for the battles to come. There will be dozens of workshops and activities to choose from, including strategy discussion on issues such as…

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Minor Errors Bill: No minor issue

05 Oct 2010, By

A string of recent disputes have seen employers use a controversial legal tactic to over-rule ballots for industrial action. Where the union has made minor technical errors in the ballot, strikes have been declared unlawful, even where the overwhelming majority of members have voted in favour of taking action, and even where the technical breaches…

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Health and Safety: You couldn’t make it up!

07 Sep 2010, By

Health and safety gets a bad rep in the press, with tabloids keen to use it as a label for poking fun at killjoys. These staple stories can usually be traced to being plain untrue in the first place, employers or authorities using it as an excuse not to do something they didn’t want to…

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