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Show me your motions

25 Aug 2010, By

And they’re off! The Final Agenda for TUC Congress 2010 is out now, and you can read the full text of motions and amendments up for debate at the TUC site. The Final Agenda is slightly confusingly titled though, in that it’s not totally final, and it’s not strictly the agenda. Hold on and I’ll…

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Communication is key

01 Jul 2010, By

The TUC is celebrating union communications and campaigns with the annual Trade Union Communications Awards in London today. When times are tough, members look to their unions for guidance and support. It is absolutely vital that unions communicate what they are doing for their members – and on the evidence of this year’s award winners,…

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Join the ITUC Congress online

22 Jun 2010, By

The mother of all union conferences kicks off in Canada today – the second ITUC World Congress. Representatives of unions from all over the world are assembling in Vancouver, and a big part of the business this time round will be working out the labour movement’s ideas for a path out of the global economic…

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Friday 26 Feb is Work Your Proper Hours Day

24 Feb 2010, By

Are you ready for Work Your Proper Hours Day this Friday (26 Feb)? It’s the day when, according to official statistics, the average person who does unpaid overtime stops working for free, and starts to earn for themselves. We reckon that’s a day to celebrate, so we’re suggesting everyone makes a real effort to work…

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The world’s greatest bank job

10 Feb 2010, By

Here’s a video of some hardy Robin Hood Tax campaign merry men and women braving the 4am chill and nocturnal traffic wardens to beam a message ten metres high onto the side of Bank of England. If you haven’t yet added your voice to the campaign, go do so now at the Robin Hood Tax…

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Robin Hood Tax – A good idea?

10 Feb 2010, By

The Robin Hood Tax campaign launches today, supported by the TUC and dozens of other charities, faith groups and community organisations. The campaign is calling on the leaders of the UK’s political parties to support a global tax on the banks to help repair the human damage caused by the global economic crisis, protect public…

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RadioLabour – presenting labour’s voices to the world.

03 Feb 2010, By

Guest post by Marc Bélanger, Radio Labour presenter and labour educator The labour movement has created a new tool in its efforts to build national and international solidarity: an audio news show on the Internet.  The show, called Solidarity News, is available on RadioLabour at  It is 20 minutes of news about workers and…

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