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25 Nov 2016, By

There’s no concept I hate more than ‘banter’. For me, ‘banter’ represents the go-to excuse for someone who has just been told that their comments or ‘good humoured’ teasing have upset or offended someone. Rather than taking a step back to reflect on their actions – and those who genuinely intended a joke usually do…

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17 Nov 2016, By

We all know that the traditional ‘9 to 5’ working day no longer exists for a large proportion of young workers. With the increases in zero hours, insecure contracts and more people working night shifts, I think it’s time for an update to the seminal Dolly Parton smash hit to better reflect our modern working lives.*…

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Young worker’s challenge #4: overqualification

11 Nov 2016, By

Being rejected from a job because you are “too qualified” is a bit of a tricky one to handle. Sometimes employers give this as a reason because, truthfully, they want to pay you less (with qualifications comes skills, comes better pay – at least in theory) but the issue isn’t just confined to CVs and…

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Young Worker’s Challenge #2: poor quality jobs

04 Nov 2016, By

Ever heard of the shrinking middle? No it’s not the latest weight loss fad, or a forgotten indie band from the ‘90s. It’s when the jobs that are traditionally held by people with middling skill levels (such as administrative roles, semi-skilled blue collar roles) are lost – usually to foreign countries or automation. Instead of…

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Frances O'Grady with young workers

Building a movement of young workers

12 Sep 2016, By

The buzzword during TUC Congress this year is young workers: where they work, what they need, and how unions can help them. What we do know is that young workers –those aged under 30 and usually outside of education– are more likely to be low paid and less likely to be in secure work. Their…

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