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15 Dec 2010, By

no, not about chocolates, but about this year’s TUC Organising Academy graduation which once again coincided with our Leading Change graduation (see here for details of the new Lay Leadership Development programme) bringing together existing and future union leaders in celebration of all things union and organising…. On a personal note, was also a chance to say some thanks and…

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Organising Jobs

23 Aug 2010, By

Its that time of year when the TUC Organising Academy is recruiting for trainee organisers and we already have 2 development centres full, those of you interested need to get your applications in as soon as possible to secure a place.  For the more experienced organisers out there, there are plenty of opportunities around, have…

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Women Officers, Webb Institute @ Ruskin and Two Years of Trainees

14 Jul 2010, By

It’s been a really interesting few weeks, first spending time with the TUC’s Women Officers Summer School working on narrative and tools to encourage other women into activity in the movement. Then up to Ruskin to explain the picture of unions and organising in the uk and shifting the students from our history into the very real challenge of…

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Digital Revolution

18 Jun 2010, By

Spent a really interesting afternoon talking about digital strategy as part of our campaigning toolkit. With ever increasing social networking and instant communications, unions are getting involved in their own digital revolution and methods to support campaigns are becoming ever more sophisticated and, brilliantly, easier to use and be active in. Online communication to cause…

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Assessing the Challenge

17 Jun 2010, By

“Since the initial recruitment of Area and Local Organisers 2 years ago UNISON and the TUC Organising Academy have made adaptations and improvements to the process that is reflected in the many positive comments [in this document]. We believe that as UNISON moves towards further and better implementation of Meeting the Organising challenge, the need…

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Telling Our Story

18 May 2010, By

Have just returned from a week in the states which included attending AFSME leadership training.  The training was hosted by Harvard and delivered by Marshall Ganz.   One method was using narrative to capture and develop leadership potential.  I have to quantify this by pointing out that this is a very simplistic summary of a very complex and thought provoking method.  The…

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Organising – the big picture

11 Apr 2010, By

 The Andrew Marr show this morning had a brief section on community organising and community organisers and made reference to the ascent of President Obama from Chicago Community Organsieer to, aherm, President of the USofA.  We at the Organising Academy have for years been training union organisers to build capacity at grass roots level.  As…

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