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ITUC steps up the youth campaign

19 Mar 2010, By

As a second step of its youth campaign, the ITUC is relaunching its youth blog and is launching the campaign’s brochure. The youth blog comes with a redesign, new functionalities such as Facebook and Twitter sharing as well as a special campaign section. The brochure is a best practice guide on organising young people and…

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Joe the Dog

18 Mar 2010, By

Today the ITUC launched its youth campaign, with the release of this handy little video:  Joe the Dog tries to change the world  Feel free to cut’n’paste to whatever social network sites you use. Looking forward to getting the details of the campaign as the ITUC’s own youth officer, Phillipe Gousenberger, addresses the TUC Young Members…

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Sausage rolls brought to you by union organisers

18 Feb 2010, By

Some really engaging discussions today at the GFTU’s seminar on organising young workers. Met some great union reps and officers, some of  them from the bakers’ union BFAWU who are organising the often low paid, part time and largely female workforce at Gregg’s.   Two young women in particular from Gregg’s described the problems facing organising in…

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Fighting the corner for young workers

11 Feb 2010, By

Its no secret that young people are having a bad time of it in the labour market right now. Youth unemployment stands at record levels, demand for apprenticeships and places in higher education is outstripping supply and too many young workers find themselves in low paid, low skilled, vulnerable jobs in the sharp end of…

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Unions responding to change

09 Feb 2010, By

Had a great morning at the TUC, where unions gathered to look at the impacts of the Union Modernisation Fund over the last five years. Change in any organisation can be a painful process but what struck me at the event today was the real energy and appetite there was for having a proper look at…

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A savage attack on working people

18 Jan 2010, By

Those of us thinking through worst case scenarios following the next general election would do well to look across the Irish Sea at the events taking place in the Irish Republic. I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days last week with David Begg and Jack O’Connor of ICTU who did a brilliant job…

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Organising youth in Europe, what can we learn?

03 Dec 2009, By

Hats off to Kurt Vandaele at European Trade Union Institute for a fantastic bit of research he’s undertaken for the ETUC Youth Committee looking at the various ways trade union confederations across Europe are reacting to the problem of low union density among young people.  It is research like this that is essential to developing…

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