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Burston Strike School 1914

Burston Strike School centenary: The sickle stays sharp

03 Sep 2014, By

The Burston School Strike was the longest strike in British history, running from 1914 to 1939. The children of the school in the Norfolk village of Burston went on strike after their teachers, Annie and Tom Higdon, were dismissed by the school’s management committee. Annie Higdon was headmistress and a progressive educator. She objected to…

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Spread the word – Rise is back!

10 Sep 2010, By

Well, to be exactly correct, UpRise is here. Or will be on Sunday 3 October in Finsbury Park. Remember 2008? One of the first acts of newly-elected London Mayor Johnson was to remove the anti-racist message from the Rise festival. Trade unions and community activists reacted with anger and astonishment – but also with action…

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Which planet is he on?

21 Jun 2010, By

According to the Daily Mail (21.6.10) the Osborne budget will set in concrete a three year disadvantage for London, the South East and the East of England. A bizarre tax break will be given to the rest of Britain – freedom from National Insurance contributions for employers for three years. The explanation: “The Treasury wants…

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