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Factory occupations – a long line, now spreading fast

08 Aug 2009, By

Carl Roper has blogged here about two examples (from the Isle of Wight and Dublin) of workers occupying their workplaces in reaction to threatened closures and layoffs. Dave Osler, always good value, has written about some other recent cases (Visteon and Prisme) as well as giving some historical and international reflections. The TUC has also…

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Gambia: we demonstrate again, for press freedom

22 Jul 2009, By

The TUC, NUJ and Amnesty International were outside the Gambian High Commission again yesterday (21 July), this time to protest about the disappearance of journalist Ebrima Manneh, who vanished after posting material critical of the Government. Last time we were there (3 July), we were protesting about the trial on charges of sedition (basically, criticising…

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Union freedom in the USA

19 Jul 2009, By

Coming soon to the USA: the freedom to join a union which can bargain for workers’ rights. The TUC has joined the campaign for the Employee Free Choice Act in the USA. Brendan Barber has written to the Prime Minister and to the US Embassy, and he’s written an article you could put on your…

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TUC Aid is in the Times

11 Jul 2009, By

TUC Aid isn’t quite the most active development organisation in Britain as the Times Online implied recently! But we’ll take praise where we can get it because of the vital work we do. If you want to build stronger unions, don’t just do it at home. Stronger unions everywhere will bolster unions anywhere, including in Britain.…

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Press for union freedom in the Gambia

03 Jul 2009, By

I’ve been protesting today outside the Gambian High Commission about the trial, which started today, of seven leaders of the Gambian Press Union (GPU). They are accused of sedition – basically, criticising the President – and protests have taken place around the world demanding their release.

New union rights fight looms in Australia

11 Jun 2009, By

The Age, the main daily paper in Melbourne, Australia, reports that Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Secretary Jeff Lawrence is jetting back from London to deal with a dispute between the unions and the Labour government (what a peculiar notion!) centring on reforms to the previous Liberal government’s legislation on trade unionism in the construction sector. Regular…

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