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Professors of the World Unite

09 May 2009, By

The Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) held a conference today about ‘Challenging the Global Market in Education’. The backdrop to the event was the signing of multiple international agreements with unions representing higher education in many countries around the world.

West Wing stars back US unions

04 May 2009, By

For many people, life imitated TV when Barack Obama became President. They see him as the real-life embodiment of everyone’s favourite US President, Josiah (Jed) Bartlet from The West Wing. Now, though, as Obama’s real-life West Wing takes shape, some of the actors who played the President and his team have joined up to support publicly the…

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Iraqi left celebrates May Day

02 May 2009, By

Although much smaller than the million people who gathered behind trade union banners in Baghdad 50 years ago to celebrate the removal of the monarchy, this year’s demonstrations in Baghdad and Basra were positive and much larger than in recent years – a testament to the greater space for operation that the Iraqi workers’ movement…

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Aussies start membership climb

19 Apr 2009, By

I’ve just returned from seeing relatives in Australia, where the labor movement is pretty pleased with having successfully seen off John Howard’s mis-named WorkChoices legislation (they partied for a weekend and then got back to the fight – action on the recession, better maternity provisions, an effective climate change policy and justice for construction unions).…

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Take urgent action for Iranian sugar workers’ leader Ali Nejati

13 Apr 2009, By

The TUC has joined a campaign launched by the International Union of Foodworkers (IUF) and Amnesty International, calling for the release of jailed Iranian sugar workers’ leader Ali Nejati, who was arrested on 8 March. Amnesty considers him a prisoner of conscience, detained solely for the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression…

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Australian trade union leader puts organising first

12 Apr 2009, By

There’s a good profile of Jeff Lawrence, Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) in the holiday edition of The Age this weekend. It sets out how important organising is to the former LHMU Secretary who became the ACTU Secretary eighteen months ago, when Greg Combet stood down to run for Parliament as…

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Global trade unions march through London

27 Mar 2009, By

I’ve not been blogging recently because I’ve been helping to organise the Put People First March for Jobs, Justice, Climate which takes place in London tomorrow. One of the things I’ve been working on is an international dimension to the trade unionists on the march, and the response has been staggering.