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Protest now! Iraqi Government attacks teacher trade union

02 Mar 2009, By

I’m in Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan) for a TUC workshop for Iraqi and Kurdish trade unionists, and Iraqi Teachers’ Union President Jasim al-Lami has reported an astounding attack on his union’s leadership by the Iraqi Government. The Iraqi Government has proved itself time and time again to be hostile to free trade unionism, and has been…

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Why Amnesty says “protect the human” AND “join a union”

26 Feb 2009, By

Amnesty International is one of the best loved organisations in Britain, regardless of whether you grew up with the Secret Policeman’s Balls (which in the late 1970s were the adult equivalent of early 1970s playground recitations of Monty Python sketches – only with the original cast on the stage leading the chorus!) Everyone knows they help people…

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Trade unions take to the streets – Dublin today, London next month

21 Feb 2009, By

The Irish Times reports that 100,000 people have gathered in Dublin today at a demonstration organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) to protest at the Government’s handling of the recession. Almost alone among EU Governments, Fianna Fail have opted to make cuts in spending – especially public sector pensions, and unions are…

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Was Lindsey all about non-union labour after all?

08 Feb 2009, By

Jean Eaglesham has wriiten a story in Saturday’s Financial Times lending credence to what many had already begun to suspect: that the employers’ strategy at Lindsey Oil Refinery in bringing in an Italian and Portuguese workforce was actually all about anti-unionism.

US unions record fastest growth since 1983

28 Jan 2009, By

US unions grew by nearly half a million members in 2008 according to the latest US Government figures, increasing the rate of unionisation from 12.1% to 12.4% in a year. It’s their best year for a quarter of a century, and the main reason seems to be that in some states, it got easier to…

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How human rights help unions organise

25 Jan 2009, By

There are two ways in which this works. One is the obvious: without freedom of expression, the right to life, and freedom to organise, trade unionists tend to get shot, harassed or excluded from the workplace. And without freedom to bargain collectively, they have less to offer their potential members. These are all fundamental human…

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Nobel laureate backs union rights in the USA

24 Jan 2009, By

Paul Krugman, the winner of the Nobel prize for economics, says that the US needs the Employee Free Choice Act that US unions are campaigning for. Writing in Rolling Stone magazine (a journal of economic record, of course!) he says that the US economy needs unions just as much as workers do. Last time US…

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