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Its a small world

09 Sep 2008, By

Earlier today I went aloing to the Unions21/IPA fringe on global organising. There was a decent mix of speakers and some interesting contributions from the floor – covering everything from how we make Global Framework Agreements meaningful to Nautilus UK’s ongoing merger with its Dutch counterpart. Of course THE big fringe of the week is…

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Home work, Real work, Equal Work

09 Sep 2008, By

Last night I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at the NGH’s fringe meeting on vulnerable workers. The fringe meeting was a good pre-cursor to today’s debate at Congress on vulnerable workers which Carl mentioned in his last post. NGH do a fantstic job of raising the profile of one Britain’s most vulnerable…

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Age concern

07 Sep 2008, By

Only 1 in 10 young workers are members of a union, and its this frightening statistic which explains why unions in the UK – after 10 years of relative membership stability – need to step up their efforts to reach out to the ‘lost generation’ of potential union members. Earlier this year the TUC hosted…

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Its September, its Brighton, it must be Congress!

11 Aug 2008, By

In the second week of September unions will (once again) descend upon Brighton for Congress 2008. It feels like Congress has been held in Brighton forever (in fact this is the 5th year on the trot the event has been held in the south coast resort) – but delegates can look forward to something a little bit…

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Union membership: stable, but not growing

31 Jul 2008, By

FT article here (you’ll need to register) which reports on the latest LFS membership stats which show a slight decline in union density. The report comes on the back of figures released recently by both the TUC and the Certification Officer which flagged small increases in membership. It looks basically like union membership is again…

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More Tolpuddle videos

29 Jul 2008, By

You can view the rest of the videos from the organising session at Tolpuddle on the Stronger Unions Youtube channel here. If you’ve got any organising related videos you’d like uploaded to this channel, then send us a message via the web-site.

‘Don’t Mourn, Organise!’

25 Jul 2008, By

As reported earlier on this bog, I spent last weekend at Tolpuddle, and had the good fortune to be asked to speak in the Martyrs Marquee about the future of organising. Here’s Michael Crosby, who spoke in that session as well, talking about the challenges faced by workers attempting to organise around the world.