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Stronger unions at Tolpuddle

16 Jul 2008, By

I’ve never spoke to a meeting in a tent before, but this weekend I’ll get my chance.   I’m lucky enough to be speaking in the Martyrs Marquee at the Tolpuddle festival this weekend, talking about what we can do to build stronger unions. Michael Crosby, Elaine Bernard & Wilhemina Trout will also be speaking…

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NUJ reaches recognition finishing Post

25 Jun 2008, By

After 5 long years the NUJ has finally secured recognition at the Racing Post. This case had become a bit of a cause celebre as the Racing Post had managed to stave off recognition thanks to their ‘sweetheart agreement with the British Association of Journalists, a “union” that had, at most, one member at the…

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The US and us

10 Jun 2008, By

For the last couple of days I have been in Washington DC for a round-table seminar hosted by the  NLC and the Shanker Institute, and meetings with the AFL-CIO. Earlier this year the TUC and the AFL-CIO signed a joint protocol setting out how we can work together to tackle union busters, and so today’s…

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A good day for vulnerable workers

20 May 2008, By

Just got back from a visit by Pat McFadden, Minister for Employment Relations, to the TUC’s vulnerable workers pilot project in east London. The project is supporting workers in the cleaning and building service sector in the City of London and Canary Wharf, and a key element of the visit was an opportunity for the…

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Unions and t’internet

15 May 2008, By

Good article here from the Guardian setting out how unions are using the web to support their broader organising and campaigning work. The article quotes John Wood, the TUC’s new media officer, who is doing a lot to help unions and the technically-challenged like me to try and work out how best we can use web 2.0 (I…

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Help us build stronger unions

09 May 2008, By

In the next few weeks the TUC’s Organising Academy will start its recruitment process for new Academy organisers. We are looking for committed and enthusiastic people who want to help union efforts to go out and organise the next generation of union members and activists. Applicants should ideally have a proven track record of organising…

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