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Cutting health and safety is just pure wrong

10 Sep 2012, By

Today  – the day after Congress rejected the government’s pursuit of a ‘weakened health and safety regime’, Vince Cable has announced plans to get rid of 3,000 regulations and also scrap health and safety inspections for “Shops, offices, pubs and clubs.” There is no detail on what these 3,000 regulations are, but it looks like it is simply…

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Paul and Matthew Sinclair on the Daily Politics

TPA take a pop at union reps… again

07 Sep 2012, By

What are the big financial pressures and issues facing the public sector today? Is it the unprecedented programme of public sector cuts being driven through by the coalition government? Is it the hundreds of millions of pounds fuelling shareholder dividends rather than delivering quality public services? Is it perhaps the PFI chickens coming home to…

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The Sun in ‘nonsense’ shocker!

20 Aug 2012, By

Just as cuckoos herald the coming of spring, so the ‘silly season’ marks that point in the year when tabloid editors reach for the stories and campaigns marked ‘not to be opened unless truly desperate’. How else to explain the Sun’s new (oxymoronic?) campaign to “Stop the nonsense!”. * Claiming that public bodies have suffered a “collective loss of…

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David winning more often than we think

27 Jan 2012, By

I suppose it’s inevitable given the combination of a hostile government, flat-lining economy, rising unemployment and stagnating household incomes that some commentators are speculating on what all this means for the role and future of trade unions. Despite significant and ongoing job losses in the public sector, union action on pensions – coupled  with a…

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What will you be singing on November 30?

28 Nov 2011, By

On November 30 nurses on the other side of the Atlantic will be showing support for the TUC’s day of action. The National Nurses Union will be rallying outside British Consulates across the US in support of the 30 unions taking industrial action – an exciting and welcome development, but one which has provoked a…

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The TPA ‘cost-cost’ analysis of unions

25 Nov 2011, By

Some things in life are inevitable – death, taxes, change, the seasons. But perhaps nothing is quite as inevitable as the fact that a report from the so-called Tax Payers Alliance will be about as balanced as a two-wheel trike. Their latest opus sets out what it calls a ‘scandalous subsidy for unions’ conflating facilities and facility time for union reps…

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Don’t listen to the ballot ‘deniers’

10 Nov 2011, By

Over the next few days unions including UNITE, the GMB and a host of others will be announcing the results of their industrial action ballots over pensions. As sure as night follows day– and as we saw after the UNISON ballot result  last week –right wing commentators and politicians will be out in force bleating…

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