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Better together

21 Oct 2011, By

I’m not on commission, and I’ve only met the bloke once, but if you are interested in what more we can do to rebuild and reinvigorate unions in the workplace and the community you could do worse than checking out ‘Together: how small groups achieve big things’ by Henry Hemming. This is not a ‘union…

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Industrial action, but not always as we know it

18 Oct 2011, By

Barnet council is so notorious for its plans to outsource public services that it acquired the moniker ‘easyCouncil’. No surprise then that today staff in the council are taking part in a second day of industrial action  in protest at their employer’s slash and burn approach to public services. What is perhaps more surprising is…

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A better, Scottish, way?

18 Apr 2011, By

This blog has long championed the belief that unions and collective bargaining are good for workers, good for companies, good for the economy, and, crucially, good for social justice and reducing income inequality. So it was heartening today to see Iain Gray, Labour’s leader in Scotland respond positively to a recent report by Unite which…

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The Cabinet Office Armchair Generals

22 Feb 2011, By

The inner nerd in me loves strategy games – whether its the cut and thrust of commerce and society building that is ‘Settlers of Catan’ or the more prosaic appeal of ‘Risk’. Hell, I’ve even dabbled a bit in Warhammer 40k – but this was purely because the kids were into it… It would seem…

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Unions respond to government’s ‘volatile cocktail’

28 Jan 2011, By

Earlier today unions from across the public and private sectors came together to plan how best to respond to the impact of the government’s programme of cuts and ‘reforms’.  As well as devastating our public services; stifling economic recovery; increasing unemployment and hitting the poorest and most vulnerable hardest; its clear the government’s plans could…

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Join us in Manchester

27 Jan 2011, By

On Saturday the TUC – in partnership with the NUS and UCU – will be hosting a national rally in Manchester. ‘A Future that Works’ will highlight the impact of the  coalition government’s programme of cuts and ‘reforms’  on young workers, students and young people in general. Despite the fact that nearly  one million young people…

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Union Busting X-Factor Style

14 Dec 2010, By

Normally a staple in the Nowak household, this year’s series of the X-Factor is without doubt the last time Cowell and chums will inveigle their way into my living room. Accusations of result fixing and Saturday’s guest performances by Rhianna and Christine Aguilera which have attracted pretty wide-spread condemnation (some from the usual suspects, some from much…

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