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Unions, the voluntary sector and ‘Big Society’

06 Dec 2010, By

Interesting Guardian article, which suggests union membership in the community and voluntary sector is rising in response to fears about job losses and pay cuts. Its a trend I think we’ll see replicated in the public sector – with union density (but not necessarily membership) likely to increase as the cuts begin to bite. Sad to hear…

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Royal Mail: Not just for Christmas

03 Dec 2010, By

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m sure most readers of this blog will  trusting the good men and women of Royal Mail to get our Christmas cards safely to friends and family, and to make sure all that on-line shopping turns up on time. But while Royal Mail gets ready for its busiest period…

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All aboard and All Together for public services

19 Oct 2010, By

The TIGMOO twitter and blog feeds are busy today with news of people (see here & here for example) hopping on board coaches heading to the TUC’s ‘All Together for Public Services’ rally and lobby in Westminster. The speakers line-up at the event reflects the widespread concern about the  ‘savage’ spending cuts likely to announced tomorrow – with Brendan…

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Some rubbish isn’t worth recycling

04 Oct 2010, By

In these environmentally conscious times, its really important to recycle, but it gets a bit wearisome when the CBI insists on recycling the same old nonsense about strike ballots. Having popped up just before the Budget in June to make the case that Britain’s economy could be kick-started by amending the thresholds on industrial action ball0ts…

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Brussels sprouts green shoots of protest

30 Sep 2010, By

(Ok, I admit it, the headline is dreadful but….) Yesterday more than 100,000 trade unionists from across Europe answered the ETUC’s call to march in Brussels to say ‘No’ to the austerity measures currently in vogue across the continent. With co-ordinated protests in 13 European capitals, 10 million on strike in Spain, and campaigning activity…

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Lib Dems – ‘Think Again!’

20 Sep 2010, By

Yesterday I had the privilege of joining over three thousand trade union members, parents, school governors and members of the public in a TUC lobby of Liberal Democrat conference. Despite the best efforts of the weather  – a delightful combination of torrential rain and gusting winds – the crowd rallied at Salthouse Dock in Liverpool…

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CBI ‘backwoodsmen’ at it again

21 Jun 2010, By

The TUC has responded vigorously to the CBI’s calls for the law on industrial action ballots to be changed so that in effect unions could only strike if at least 40% of the balloted workforce voted positively for action. As well as being an affront to basic democracy (as far as I’m aware there is no ‘turnout…

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