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Red Tape, Red Herring

14 Jun 2010, By

Each year 3/4 million workers are injured or suffer illness as a result of work – a fact conveniently ignored by that section of the tabloid press which revels in  ‘elf and safety gone-mad  tales of toothpicks banned in restaurants or school-kids made to wear googles to play conkers. So today’s announcement by the  Government…

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Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living

29 Apr 2010, By

Yesterday trade unionists around the world (and for the first time, the British government) commemorated Workers’ Memorial Day. This dreadful story is a reminder as to why we should all, ‘Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living’.

Its a small world after all…

28 Apr 2010, By

Nice article at The Sauce (hat-tip RMT magazine), exploring the links between Mrs Justice Sharp, (the Judge who awarded Network Rail an injunction against the RMT), the private equity industry and Network Rail. No allegation or suggestion of impropiety, but as The Sauce comments it does raise questions about, “…the closeness of the British judicial system to…

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Life after May 7

20 Apr 2010, By

Lots of union activists will be in election mode for the next 16 days – working day and night and all the bits in-between, knocking on doors, telecanvassing and handing out leaflets. But in the midst of election fever its important to remember that whatever the outcome of the election, unions will have their work…

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And they’re off!

07 Apr 2010, By

Following Gordon Brown’s trip to see the Queen, politicians will be spending the next month trying to persuade the electorate why they deserve our votes. One of the key battleground issues will undoubtedly be the future of public services. While there appears to be a political consensus that cuts are on the horizon (with not…

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Doesn’t look like justice to me

02 Apr 2010, By

Yesterday was  pretty sad day for both democracy and industrial relations. The decision to overturn RMT’s ballot was just the latest in a long line of recent cases which have seen the Courts ride roughshod over the rights of union members. What makes this case even worse is that employer initiated the legal proceedings at…

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Is now the Spring of our discontent?

31 Mar 2010, By

“We are facing a spring of discontent as yet another union flex their muscles and threaten to walk out.” Eric Pickles, Conservative Party Chairman, March 2010 “Britain now faces Labour’s spring of discontent with militant unions threatening to bring our railways to a standstill as well. Strike action could leave the country facing a serious…

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