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Unions: discovering a hidden part in LGBT+ history

23 Feb 2017, By Guest

Most LGBT+ people aren’t in a union and have little or no idea what unions do. Most LGBT+ people don’t think too much about how we got the rights we now enjoy. And most LGBT+ people (even those who know how hard we struggled) have not connected that progress with the role played by unions.…

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Guernsey fly the rainbow flag

Unions hail good news on marriage equality in the Channel Islands

04 Dec 2014, By Guest

Last week, the chief minister in the island of Jersey reported that legislation for same sex marriage would be introduced shortly in the States of Jersey with a view to it being brought into effect in 2017. Senator Gorst’s announcement received substantial publicity in the island’s media. This achievement was a result of campaigning by…

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A still image from 'Pride' film

Pride: a must-see film… Get free tickets here

15 Aug 2014, By Guest

Hilarious, tear-jerking, magnificent: all this, and a hymn to solidarity too. “Pride” is unique. Go see it, and remind yourself of why you are a trade unionist and why you believe in equality for all. You might also enjoy the sounds of the 80s (well, Bronski Beat anyway, in my case)! To be a miner…

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jumbled computer keys

Dyslexia in the workplace: Spotting the invisible disability

21 Mar 2014, By Guest

Being different is what makes life interesting, but sometimes, when the differences are not recognised, lack of understanding from employers or colleagues can cause problems. So it is for large numbers of working people who are dyslexic. Previous editions having sold out, the TUC has just published a third edition of its advice for trade…

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Young and LGB or T: at risk from austerity

13 Mar 2014, By Guest

To mark TUC Young Workers Month, TUC LGBT Officer Peter Purton writes about the impact of austerity on young LGB&T workers There is a common perception that people in same sex relationships have never had it so good, a view heavily influenced by last year’s massive majority in favour of gay marriage and the publication…

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London LGBT demo

International backlash on LGBT equality

11 Dec 2013, By Guest

Yesterday, the European Parliament rejected a motion making recommendations on sexual health and sexuality and substituted an anodyne comment that these were matters for national governments. The Lithuanian Parliament continues to debate not one but a whole bunch of anti-LGBT bills, no doubt encouraged by developments in next door Russia. These are warning signs that…

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