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Blurred photo of a hospital ward with a thermometer with 'pay' written on it

NHS Pay – So, what are we going to do about it?

03 Apr 2014, By Guest

The government has seen the NHS as easy picking for cutting pay from its 1.4m workforce. It has made a calculation that NHS workers, predominantly women, and all dedicated to their patients (although they fail to say that bit), will bear the sacrifice for another year or two, moan, but then get on with their…

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into A&E...

The NHS: 65 years to evolve, just 40 days to destabilise?

30 Jan 2014, By Guest

As the Care Bill works its way through Parliament, one particular part of it, Clause 118 aka ‘the hospital closure clause’ is causing huge concern among NHS campaigners, unions and clinical staff. When clinicians who have been through years of training and have marked up decades of clinical practice put the words ‘risk’ and ‘patient…

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The NHS – Marching to keep it safe

18 Sep 2013, By Guest

With 15% of the NHS budget in England now spent on underpinning the private sector market, and others squeezing the NHS to maximise shareholders’ profits, we have a right to be fearful about the future of the NHS, and our health. Since April, 80% of contracts have gone to the private sector, taking £2.5bn out…

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The NHS descends into more chaos

09 Mar 2013, By Guest

Just weeks before the new ConDem NHS is due to be launched (1 April, when the new system from last year’s Health and Social Care Act comes into force), the government has been caught trying to drive NHS privatisation through back door. David Cameron’s vision is of an enormous and complex private health care market…

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