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Infographic showing how much middle income families will stand to lose by 2015 due to current government policies

The Cost of Austerity

11 Mar 2013, By

With just over a week until the Budget, the pressure is rising on the Chancellor to announce a plan that lifts the country out of its current economic malaise. The Prime Minister attempted to put a brave face on the government’s track record last week, brazenly claiming that austerity was somehow good for families. But…

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Long hours and overwork

WYPHD 2013: The false economy of unpaid overtime

01 Mar 2013, By

Britain is often written off as a nation of shirkers. If you believe everything you read in the tabloids workers in the UK are tardy, pull sickies the whole time and spend all day on Facebook. But we know that the reality is very different. Brits work among the longest hours in Europe – often…

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