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Tanzania & Uganda stand up against unfair EU-East Africa trade deal

29 Jul 2016, By

There was hopeful news for trade unions in East Africa last week as Tanzania and Uganda refused to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and East African Community countries  — Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda —partly due to concerns about the negative impact of the agreement on democracy and development. Unions across Africa have…

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Promoting workers’ rights and solidarity in the debate on EU migration

05 May 2016, By

Last month the TUC was involved in a roundtable organised by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung London office which discussed how to promote workers’ rights in the debate on EU migration. The event drew on the experiences of British and German unions, think tanks and community groups. In opening the event, Silke Breimaier, Project Manager at the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung London office, said…

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Broad alliance must raise the alarm on new Immigration Bill

28 Nov 2015, By

The Immigration Bill is due to go through the Report stage and Third Reading in the House of Commons this Tuesday on 1st December. The Bill has emerged from the Public Bill Committee – to which the TUC submitted written evidence –  unfortunately still containing measures to criminalise workers, increase exploitation and discrimination in the…

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Take action to free imprisoned garment union activists in Burma

09 Oct 2015, By

On 8 November Burma will hold crucial general elections, which makes this is an important time to hold the government to account for the increasing crack down on trade union rights and repression that many workers are facing in the country. In support of the Amnesty International Urgent Action, this week the TUC General Secretary has…

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Say #refugeeswelcome – march on Saturday

11 Sep 2015, By

The vivid stories of human suffering that have dominated the media coverage of the refugee crisis have provoked reactions of shock and, importantly, solidarity by the public. As organisations founded on the principal of solidarity and respect, trade unions across Europe and internationally have come together to say refugees are welcome.

Udita (Arise) documentary. Credit: Rainbow Collective

‘UDITA’ film shows need for labour law reform in Bangladesh

07 May 2015, By

You can now watch on the TUC’s website the new documentary UDITA (ARISE) made by  Rainbow Collective about the struggles that women trade unionists in the National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) have faced in Bangladesh over the last five years. The film premiered on the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse on April 24th…

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