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TUC signs new protocol with CGTP-IN to help organise Portuguese speaking migrants

29 Aug 2014, By

Yesterday the TUC signed a new co-operation protocol to help Portuguese-speaking migrant workers in the UK with CGTP-IN (one of Portugal’s equivalents of the TUC). The new protocol was signed by the TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady and CGTP-IN General Secretary Armenio Carlos, who travelled to London for the signing event at Congress House. The TUC has worked closely with…

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Nazma Akter, President of SGSF garment union

Dhaka Diary 2: Women must lead this new union movement

02 Mar 2014, By

During my visit to Dhaka, an encouraging number of trade unionists in the garment industry I’ve met are women.  This suggests Bangladesh unions are starting to better resemble their industry: over 70% of the garment industry in Bangladesh are women. However, women are still not prominent in leadership roles in unions. A notable exception is…

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National Garment Workers Federation

Dhaka diary 1: Unions growing fast after Rana Plaza

01 Mar 2014, By

Tiny motor scooter taxis plough through waves of traffic, beeping car horns fill the air and the sky fades from clear blue to hazy orange as another balmy evening sets in over Dhaka. I am very far from the British seaside, but someone I last went shopping (unsuccessfully) with in Bournemouth is here with me.…

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