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Responsibility Outsourced - AFL-CIO report cover

Stronger unions are at the heart of improving global labour standards

24 Apr 2013, By

Yesterday the AFL-CIO, our sister union confederation in the USA, released the report  ‘Responsibility Outsourced’ which immediately made a splash online as it holds no punches criticising a number of American CSR initiatives. It argues, they are too reluctant to advocate for workers rights, failing to properly involve unions and not being transparent in their reporting processes.…

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Workers in a furniture factory in Vietnam

Supporting Worker Participation in Factories in Vietnam

18 Apr 2013, By

Some of us (and this definitely includes me) have sweated bitter hours over flat-pack furniture. However, it’s fair to say that fitting together even the most fiendish collection of wood pieces into a double bed is child’s play compared to actually working in the factories that produced it. Chances are your next piece of flat-pack…

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