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Korea protest march. Photo: IndustriAll

#KoreaGeneralStrike: Korean unions fight back

28 Nov 2016, By

As I noted in my blog in July South Korea’s trade unions have been subject to a sustained attack . Under President Park, trade unionists are being sent to prison for carrying out normal trade union activities.KCTU President Han Sang-Gyun has been imprisoned for five years in the Seoul Detention Centre for helping to organise public protests. Han is…

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Turkish flag at night

Turkish democracy’s nightmare

20 Jul 2016, By

The deficiencies in Turkey’s democracy cannot be remedied by armed force. The fact that the attempted coup by a section of Turkey’s armed forces failed is to be welcomed; what is not is the death of over 300 people in the conflict and the wounding of over 1,000. Turkey’s military must accept that they are…

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Han Sang-gyun

South Korean assaults on trade unions continue

07 Jul 2016, By

Unfortunately South Korea’s appalling record on the rights of workers and trade unions is being added to. Han Sang-gyun, the President of Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment this week On 5 January, 2016, Han was indicted for charges related to the “obstruction of public duty”, “destruction of…

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Turkish flag

Turkish workers under further attacks

22 Apr 2016, By

Sadly and as I have repeatedly reported on in my blogs, Turkish workers, their unions and wider civil society are under constant attack from their ever autocratic government. The latest example of which is the Bill before the Turkish parliament on agency work. The Bill would give companies the right to use agency work in case…

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