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Soma mine rescue

Turkish Mining Tragedy

15 May 2014, By

Truly terrible news is coming out of Turkey. Some 245 men are reported to have died with 80 injured after an explosion at a coal mine in Soma, west Turkey, on Tuesday 13 May. Sadly many more are unaccounted for and this figure is likely to rise. As IndustriALL the global union has pointed out:…

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Mahdi Abu Dheeb

Two years jailed in Bahrain: Release Mahdi Abu Dheeb

07 May 2014, By

In 2011 the Bahrain Teachers’ Association’s (BTA) President, Mahdi Abu Dheeb, called on his teaching union to strike. The strike was in support of the large scale pro-democracy protests that had started in Bahrain in February of that year. He was charged with inciting hatred and attempting to bring down the regime. He has been…

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Egypt: Journalists’ trial resumes

10 Apr 2014, By

Attacks on any one who questions the actions of Egypt’s military backed government are unfortunately continuing. Notably the trial of the three Al Jazeera journalists arrested in Cairo in December 2013, resumes today. They are Peter Greste an Australian national, al-Jazeera’s Egyptian-Canadian Cairo bureau chief Mohamed Adel Fahmy and a local Egyptian producer, Baher Mohamed. They…

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502 Turkish Trade Unionists in court after protest crackdown

17 Jan 2014, By

The Turkish state’s oppression of trade unionists and other dissenting voices is plumbing new depths. On Monday an initial hearing took place in Ankara of a case involving 502 people. Defendants included the President and General Secretary of the Turkish public sector trade union confederation KESK, as well as many of its members They are…

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Swimming Against the Tide of History – Domestic Workers

17 Jul 2013, By

On Monday DFID launched its ‘Work in Freedom Programme’ – an important initiative which will be aimed at promoting, education, fair recruitment, safe migration and decent work in South Asia and the Middle East. In particular it is aimed at those South Asians who take-up employment in the Middle East. Unfortunately many are subject to…

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KESK march

Turkey in Turmoil

04 Jun 2013, By

One cannot doubt the sincerity of those who gathered in Taksim square to try and stop the destruction of Gezi Park. One can also not doubt that the following protests which has now spread to 67 Turkish cities resulting in injuries to hundreds of people and sadly to the deaths of two, is not just about…

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Turkish Airlines workers' protest

Turkish workers denied right to strike

13 Jul 2012, By

As reported in my blog yesterday Turkish trade unionists are being subject to brutal repression through the misuse of Turkish anti-terrorist laws. This means of handling dissent by the current Turkish government is particularly alarming because of the long prison sentences that can be handed down. This is not however the only means by which…

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