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Lula's face painted on a colourful wall in Brazil

TUC joins calls for new elections in Brazil as illegitimate government tramples democracy

01 Sep 2017, By

As Brazil’s CUT trade union confederation was meeting in the industrial capital of Sao Paolo, the TUC has called for new elections as the unelected government of Michel Temer continues its slash-and-burn of the country’s social protections.  In a letter published in yesterday’s Guardian, also signed by senior British trade unionists, politicians and campaigners, the…

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Unite, UNISON and GMB members are joined by Labour Behind the Label at the Bangladesh High Commission

Bangladesh breakthrough as global unions rally in defence of workers

27 Feb 2017, By

An international campaign to support Bangladesh’s trade unions in the face of a government crackdown has won key concessions. Global unions, backed by a strong stance from brands sourcing from Bangladesh, including several members of the UK’s Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), secured the release of almost all the trade unionists arrested in the recent crisis…

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An IndustriALL campaign poster defending the victims of a crackdown on lawful protest in Nicaragua

Nicaragua dances to South Korean tune as union protest is criminalised

09 Dec 2016, By

Nicaragua’s good recent reputation on union freedom and workers’ rights has taken a massive blow as twelve workers, including young union activists, face gaol after riot police stormed their protest at an Enterprise Processing Zone (EPZ) in the country’s capital, Managua. EPZs, already subject to criticism from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Committee on Global…

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Rana Plaza: three years on

22 Apr 2016, By

This weekend marks the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy, which shocked the world and jolted consumers, unions, activists and – eventually – brands into action over conditions faced by those making clothes for the British market. 1,129 workers died in a factory they knew was unsafe. With the threadbare state of workers’ rights in…

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