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Guatemala: one of the terrible ten worst countries for workers’ rights

18 Jun 2015, By

Murder, armed attacks and a lack of due process is the reality for Guatemalan unionists and their leaders. Throughout the last 12 months, leaders of the country’s various transport, municipal and market workers have been gunned down. Coca-Cola campaigned against what it called “untrustworthy” unionised workers in Guatemala, giving raises to non-members and delaying those…

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football in Scotland colours

Tartan Army calls on Qatar to Play Fair this Friday

01 Jun 2015, By

Are you going to be in Edinburgh on Friday evening? Know anyone who will be? We need people who care about the exploitation being suffered by migrant workers in Qatar to help us protest at the inaugural ‘Qatar Airways Cup’ taking place at Easter Road. Enjoy the game, but make your voice heard! The Scottish Football…

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Chelsea fans holding "Playfair Qatar" signs gather in front of Fulham Broadway tube

Inaction Replay: Qatar Reannounces Unkept Promise

05 May 2015, By

It’s a strange tactic to take the anniversary of a promise you didn’t keep to make exactly the same promise. One year ago, with great fanfare, Qatar’s government promised the world that kafala – their sponsorship system that essentially leaves workers owned by their employers – would be abolished as part of “far-reaching labour market reforms”.…

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A man patiently builds a delicate match-stick structure

Qatar asks for patience – to perfect its PR strategy

03 Feb 2015, By

Qatar seems to be confused about what message to put out to its critics, simultaneously accusing them of a conspiracy whilst also meekly asking for more time to put an end to the abuse of migrant construction workers – currently preparing the country to host the 2022 World Cup. However, with Qatar’s poor track record…

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A man walks past a wall in Cuba decortaed with a star-shaped mural commemorating the members of the 'Cuban 5'

Catch-22, Cuban style

03 Dec 2014, By

Tonight (Wednesday 3 December), the traditional annual Vigil for the Cuban Five will take place outside the US Embassy in London. The gathering, now in its 8th year, calls on the US to honour calls for justice for the Five, all victims of the years old tension between the superpower and its island neighbour. This…

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