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TUC blogs are now at

08 Nov 2017, By

Stronger Unions is no longer publishing new content, as we’ve moved the TUC’s new blogs to our main website at Thanks for being a Stronger Unions reader over the years and we hope you will also find our new blogs as useful to you.

If we don’t protect our arts organisations, we will lose them

10 Aug 2017, By

For almost 25 years, Greenwich Dance has been a meeting place for dancers. Professional and professional and aspiring artists come together for classes, performance space and professional support. But in June the Arts Council of England withdrew its support for Greenwich Dance, threatening the future of its work. But in June, the Arts Council of England cut 100%…

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School canteen staff at work

If I had a pay rise… A school worker’s story

01 Apr 2014, By

Jenny* works in a school. Here, she explains why public sector workers like her desperately need a pay rise. If I had fair pay and had received the pay rises long overdue to me I could afford to go to the dentist and not have to choose between paying for gas or electricity or food.…

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