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links for 2009-05-15

15 May 2009, By

Our friends in the North! Northern TUC Annual conference release (tags: Northern TUC, unions, reps) Construction blacklisting whistleblower speak to The Guardian Alan Wainwright '…is animated about who are the ultimate culprits – the directors of the construction companies. "Ian Kerr is not the primary cause of this. The companies set him up in business,…

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links for 2009-05-13

13 May 2009, By

Reading, Writing, and Union-Building " Talking Union Great article by Steve Early – if nothing else you should try and read the books he namechecks through the piece! Hat tip to Eric at Labour Start. (tags: books, unions, US)

links for 2009-04-28

28 Apr 2009, By

TUC – Manchester downturn briefing for union officers and organisers Activists, organisers and officers are in the front line of union efforts to represent members in these challenging times of recession, redundancy and restructuring. This TUC briefing aims to give practical help on a range of issues. (tags: recession , unions, downturn) PM ackowledges vital…

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links for 2009-04-27

27 Apr 2009, By

Viral fraternalism: Why trades unions have the most to gain from social media tools | Memeserver (tags: social networking, unions) Blacklisting in publishing Not shocking or surprising news, but shows you how widespread this problem might be and why Government needs to act! (tags: union busting, blacklisting, unions)