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links for 2009-04-06

06 Apr 2009, By

The Associated Press: 'West Wing' stars stump for union bill West Wing stars support EFCA (tags: EFCA, unions, organising)

links for 2009-03-25

25 Mar 2009, By

Tony Woodley calls for people to be put first (tags: Unite, unions, organising, recession) Southbank recruitment success (tags: organising PCS)

links for 2009-03-21

21 Mar 2009, By

John Lewis Partnership – socialism in action « Rebellion Sucks! = a blog for socialism & self-determination Interesting post on the John Lewis Partnership – perhaps now is the time for new (or indeed old!) types of company ownership to come to the fore? TUC and London 2012 in partnership to ensure fair working conditions…

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Links for March 11

11 Mar 2009, By

Reps responding to the recession Last 3 TUC 'Dealing with the Downturn' briefings for reps are taking oplace in the first week in April. Please pass on to reps and encourage them to sign up. (tags: recession, reps, unions) Labour and Capital on EFCA Short piece from Tom P re EFCA. Last sentence spot on…

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