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Links for March 10

10 Mar 2009, By

Dutch frontrunner for Royal Mail accused of bullying workforce Is there literally anyone outside of Westminster who thinks that privatising the Royal Mail is a good idea? Pay cuts, bullying, a little bit of ‘blackmail’ thrown in – all the hallmarks of a modern, successful, essential public service… (tags: CWU Royal Mail privatisation) Tebbit admits…

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Links for March 6

06 Mar 2009, By

Speak out and you could be blacklisted Gregor Gall article on the blacklisting scandal (tags: organising unions union busting) TUC on blacklisting Follow up to Paul's earlier post on the blacklisting of union activists (tags: organising blacklisting unions)

Links for 26 February

26 Feb 2009, By

Keep the Post Public Privatisation of the post office makes no sense at all – private companies will no doubt skim off the profitable parts (like city to city mail and bulk mail), and the Royal Mail will be left to struggle with those bits that will never make money – support the CWU’s campaign!…

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Links for 2 February

02 Feb 2009, By

Vulnerable Workers Project » Getting a Better Deal for Polish Workers Anna Burton from the organising and recruitment team will be at this event, talking about potential support from the Activist Academy (tags: organising migrant workers Activist Academy) BNP organiser thrown off unofficial picket line Hat-tip to Ian’s Red Log ( for this link (tags:…

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