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Together: more thoughts for UK unions

07 Nov 2012, By

This is a guest posting by Mike Smith, Head of Secretariat for the TUC It was fascinating to hear from Helen Kelly, President of the NZCTU, about what unions in New Zealand are doing to tackle problems that are both similar to those we face in the UK, but significantly different, both in terms of…

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Web links for 3rd November 2011

03 Nov 2011, By

Separating spin from substance What exactly has changed as a result of yesterday’s heavily spun public service pension announcement by the government? Our Pensions Justice campaign website examines the detail and finds the difference is hardly as great as Danny Alexander and David Cameron are making out. In defence of the Union rep LabourList kick…

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Web links for 14th October 2011

14 Oct 2011, By

Priti Patel’s attacks on trade unions are all about ideology One of Carl’s recent posts on union facility time earned us a response on Conservative Home, from Tory MP for Witham, Priti Patel. He’s written this piece for Left Foot Forward, addressing the points she made.