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Web links for 23rd September 2011

23 Sep 2011, By

Austerity: the union take on a very Greek tragedy Zoe Lanara of the GSEE (the Greek TUC) gives her side of the Greek strikes story on Touchstone blog. The Daily Mail’s poisonous lies must be fought by all trade unionists Unite’s Rick Coyle tells us the real story behind the Daily Mail’s “Foreign workers at…

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Day of action announced over public service pensions

14 Sep 2011, By

Brendan Barber spoke at a press conference today, to give details of public service unions’ decisions on action to protect public service pensions, after the conclusion of Congress 2011. Unions held an urgent meeting immediately following Congress, to discuss the recent round of negotiations with the government and consider the next steps to defend decent…

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VIDEO: Join the online vigil for the NHS

01 Sep 2011, By

As the government’s controversial Health and Social Care Bill receives its third reading in the House of Commons, we’re standing vigil to show Parliamentarians the level of concern around the country about the threats to our National Health Service. Please join the vigil online by uploading a photograph of yourself to this site. We’ll be…

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Excuse me, is this YOUR placard?

02 Aug 2011, By

You know that placard you spent literally multiple minutes doing the night before March For The Alternative? You know, the placard with all that Pritt stick and gel pen? Funny wasn’t it? Although after the march you callously discarded your half-drunken attempt at a uber-sophisticated political statement (e.g. Calling George Osborne an idiot), the Turner…

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25 years on from the Wapping strikes

28 Jul 2011, By

With a heightened interest in Rupert Murdoch and his empire, it’s handy the TUC are currently hosting a new exhibition: ‘News International Wapping – 25 Years on’ – The strike that made the modern media. The Wapping dispute marked the beginning of the end of Fleet Street, it was a turning point for the British…

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VIDEO: London Egyptian Embassy protest

08 Feb 2011, By

TUC and Amnesty supporters assembled at the Egyptian Embassy in London today, to hand over a letter to the Ambassador as part of the ITUC’s Day of Action in solidarity with Egyptian workers and protestors. This action is also part of the build up to an Amnesty / TUC / ITUC demonstration in Trafalgar Square…

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