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UnionNews: from news values to our values

11 Sep 2011, By

As a journalist and activist I’ve spent more years than I care to remember promoting trade unions, so it’s rather nice to have the compliment returned and having trade unions promoting my own latest venture – the on-line news service for trade unionists, UnionNews. In last Sunday’s Observer, three general secretaries very neatly pinpointed why…

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Tolpuddle tweets

Tolpuddle Festival: The music and the message

08 Jun 2010, By

For many trade unionists, lying on the famous Tolpuddle slopes swigging from a flagon of scumpy is the perfect reward for a year’s hard work. Suddenly all the meetings with management, all the discussions in committee rooms and all the work representing colleagues are put into perspective by a soundtrack of Tony Benn and Billy…

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