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It pays not to pay your taxes

01 Sep 2011, By

Here’s a a little bit of interesting information I picked up yesterday from the AFL-CIO Blog I subscribe to – Of last year’s 100 highest-paid U.S. corporate chief executives, 25 took home more in CEO pay than their company paid in 2010 federal corporate income taxes, according to a new report from the Institute for…

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Busy times ahead for trades union councils

02 Aug 2011, By

It is clear that the trades union council movement in recent years has gone from strength to strength with 168 registered trades union councils compared to only 127 in 2004, with 24 county associations playing a greater co-ordinating role than ever before. But it is not just numbers alone – it was in the campaigning…

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Conservatives failing to conserve British history

21 Jul 2011, By

I noticed in my recent edition of History Today a short article referring to a report by the British Academy, History for the Taking:Perspectives on material heritage, which shows that the government spending cuts and rushed legislation risk destroying Britain’s cultural heritage irreparably. Sir Barry Cunliffe, Britain’s leading archaeologist, writes in the report that: “cultural…

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Support your local TUC Unemployed Workers’ Centre

17 Dec 2010, By

Just received information about the new blog for Birmingham Unemployed Workers’ Centre at Sparkbrook – – which got me thinking that we don’t do enough to sing the praises of the centres which are doing a great job in difficult circumstances. And it’s going to get worse for them with greater demands on their services…

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Who gives Atos?

05 Nov 2010, By

Well we know this ConDem government doesn’t nor, it seems, does the company, Atos Origin UK, that the ConDems have contracted to assess people applying for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). Derbyshire TUC Unemployed Workers Centres (DUWC) have just published their 2010 Annual Report which includes the following three case studies which seem to gainsay…

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Cuts campaign news from the South West

02 Nov 2010, By

Just received this excellent anti-cuts campaign newsletter special from Yeovil and District Trades Union Council. As well as advertising the Taunton and District Trades Union Council Defend Public Services march on 6 November it also gives a snap-shot of how the cuts are affecting the region and what local unions, trades union councils and community groups…

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Beggars Belief!

29 Oct 2010, By

Just received this press release from Chesterfield and District Trades Union Council – an excellent idea I thought I would share with you. Could go nationwide? “BEGGING BANKERS ON STREETS OF CHESTERFIELD Begging Bankers will be out in force on Chesterfield Market Place this Saturday 30th October at 11.00am.  A group of campaigners from ‘Coalition…

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